Welcome to origin8 creative. Listed below are some of the latest projects we've been working on. To see our work, including samples of web, print and identity, please visit our porfolio, or to find out more about us and who we work for visit the about sections

origin8 images website

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origin8 have created a website for a sister company, origin8 images. The site promotes unique abstract photography and visualisation services. The site was built using the CMS system Joomla.

Living Streets, Street Life

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We've been working with the charity Living Streets since 2010 and have created the Street Life magazine during that time. The magazine highlights the charity's activities in working to create safe, attractive and enjoyable streets.

Inclusion conferences

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The Centre for Economic Inclusion organises Employability & Skills conferences based in London and Scotland. origin8 created distinctive conference materials to illustrate both events.

2nd Chance recruitment materials

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origin8 has worked with 2nd Chance since its launch in September 2013. Building on the School's success and featuring graduates, origin8 created a series of recruitment materials designed at bringing in a new crop of applicants.

A Espada, A Rosa, E O Momento

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I've always been interested in book cover design but haven't had many opportunities at working on them. So it was great when a friend asked if I'd design the cover for their novel, A Espada, A Rosa E O Momento (The Sword, the Rose and the Moment).

It was a nice project and (hopefully!) a distinctive and engaging cover was created.